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About Wellness & Healing Services

Everyone has the ability to access their own natural, God-given energy to support wellness and healing. 
We were created with inherent abilities to help ourselves. 
Just think of these situations in your own life.......
  • You bump or bang a part of your body, like your elbow, toe, etc. - the first thing you do is grab the area and put pressure on it.  Right!  That is a "natural" gift, of knowing what to do.  The energy (heat - light energy - bio-electric energy)  from your hands calms down the pain.  The pressure also helps to release the pain.
  • You sneeze - that's the body's way of throwing off something that it doesn't like.  A "natural" projection of intense energy your body produces to protect you.
  • You wake up in the morning and immediately have to go to the bathroom.  It's your body's energetic signal that you need to do something to release the accumulated toxic fluid in your bladder.  Right!
  • You sense when you walk into a room that something is not right and so you become on guard  and proceed cautiously.  Again, an energetic bodily response that serves to protect your well being.  Right!
  • We flip the switch to turn on the light......a connection to electrical energy!
  • We press some buttons on our cell phone and immediately can talk to someone across the did that happen?  No wires to connect us! That's Quantum Energy!
It's all Energy!!!!!!!
Click the "Healing Energy Pictures" tab ........since a picture is worth a 1000 words.....see what 
The Healing Codes' effect on your energy looks like
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