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Energy Healing Services

The Healing Code Coaching/Teaching/Mentoring/Serving YOU
Not just doing it FOR you once....
but actually teaching and coaching you on how to do it for yourself (with most of the modalities)
If you want to change your life, but don't know where to start - give me a call  at (702) 845-1368 - We'll chat about how I can help you get focused on where to begin to move toward healing.  I'll help you with stress, fears, physical/emotional issues, addictions, performance issues, family frustrations, business issues.....etc.
  • Life Skills & Wellness Coaching - Critical Thinking Skills,  Problem Solving,  Self-Awareness Tools,  Organizational Skills, Account-ability Skills, "Brain Gym","Mentastics" (Mental Gymnastics), Self-Improvement Techniques, "Mother Powers", Nurturing for Families, Appropriate Touch for Families, Releasing Addictions and Phobias, Creating new neuronal pathways in the brain for success, De-cluttering, and all the other general and specific things that come up in our day-to-day lives.  Let me help you to get to the underlying cause of your issues.   If you don't get to the root cause, then you will continue to manifest the same thing. 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) An "Emotional version of Acupuncture."   Instead of going to someone and having them stick needles in you, YOU (YES, Y-O-U) can just tap on specific energy points of the body to release trauma, anxiety, abuse, PTSD, pain, anger, etc.
  • Custom Healing Codes Coaching This gets to the underlying issues that are creating the dysfunction, pain, trauma, depression, disease, etc.   A wellness process that can release those "generationally acquired" cellular programs that keep you stuck in your "stuff."  You'll receive a Custom Healing Code for each personal session.
  • "Spiraling"to immediately stop pain, burns, bleeding, stress, anxiety, on yourself or others; no matter how far away you are from them.   Wellness in the palm of your hands!

  • How to do"Long Distance Healing" for loved ones.

  • Simple and effective energetic Self-Care Wellness Techniqes (Holistic Healing)

  • How to get immediate"truth" answers from your heart.
  • Learn how incredible your body is and about your "Bio-Electric" healing energies (that wellness power within you!)
  • How to"Declutter" your body, your mind, your spirit, your relationships, and your environment to improve your life.
  • Learn to use some of the same techniques I teach you for your human issues, on your animal family members (Pet Wellness!).   Now your pets don't have to be more traumatized by having to leave their home to get care.  A lot of issues from nervousness, aggression, inappropriate potty issues, getting to the underlying cause of an illness/disease, to the physical and emotional arenas that your pets pick up from humans, can be easily reduced or completely eliminated.  (Save money on Vet bills!)
............................ and much more!



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