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I am now believing and trusting the Custom Healing Codes (from my Healing Codes Practitioner Trainer, Elaine Williams) for each patient. It definitely is helping me to gain the right decision and inspiration even in the middle of over 10 hours surgery. It is more of like I am performing the surgery in the presence  of  a lot of wisdom, and of course God, and He is instructing me the next action through inspiration. I am gaining the surgical confidence; it is obviously the next level. 
Dr. H. N. – Neurosurgeon – Tokyo, Japan  - March 2011
....... Some of the healing experiences I've received through my work with Elaine Williams and the Healing Codes Coaching she did with me are.....
-  Final ceasing of post-surgical infection after a 
    year of prescriptions...
-   Relief from life-long battle with constant, severe
-   Extinguishing of connection with unhealthy
    people/events in my life...
-  Cleansing of and release from the experience
    of rape...
-  Incredible synchronicity of people and events on
    a daily basis...
-   Finally being able to move from grieving (state of
    no hope, just sadness) to mourning/acceptance of
   changed situation) ...
-   Enjoying the experience and benefits of daily
    meditation for the first time in  my life...
-   Consistent self-care in  joy ...
-   New, positive relationships with health people and
     opportunities popping  up into my life on  daily basis...
But best of all, my personal relationship with God is off the hook!!!  At last, I can "realize" vs. just "believing", I can realize a complication-free, daily, dynamic relationship with my True Father.......more than worth the price of the program... it is truly "priceless."
Paulette L. - Las Vegas, Nevada
I have learned so much because of Elaine and I’m so different than when I started.  Each week (5 weeks) with each new session I kept feeling I was getting better and better and for the first time I can say "everyone loves me, everyone likes to hang out with me" and I feel happy when I say it. Normally I was scared to be around others in fear of them hurting me, laughing at me and talking about me and now I feel like "I’m powerful!" I never felt like this before!

Elaine, I thank you so much for helping me change who I am and how I feel and now I know for the rest of my life I have the power to change how I feel with Energy Healing!

I can get up in front of a crowd of people and speak and it felt great! I feel great! I feel happy! I am happy! S.P – Spanish Fork, UT  - March 2011
I don’t take Klonopin anymore, and stopped taking NyQuil every night to sleep.  I have much more clarity of thought and use my tools (that Elaine taught me) instead of medication.  I can be honest with others in a tactful way now.  I am communicating my feelings, situations effectively with my hubby and he is doing the same. C. P. - UT
When I walked through your door 8 weeks ago I was feeling sad, worried, fed up and exhausted (after 29 years of marriage).  You were our last hope before divorce court.  Now I feel empowered, strong, soft, and wholeM.B. – UT
Your class was a great help to me. The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have helped me to understand and get in touch with my feelings.  I have been in what some call an emotionally abusive relationship.  I’ve had a hard time getting in touch with my feelings most of my life.  Because of your class I also found out why my jaw was hurting every morning, and my knees don't hurt as often now.  Thank you so much. Tamara – Salt Lake City, Utah
I began the Healing Codes having been diagnosed with cervical cancer. This was the first of three cancers that took my mom’s life and before that, her Dad’s life. I was pretty scared. The code was super long and for 64 days!!! The code felt like the catalyst for tremendous healing on so many levels. Serendipitous events blessed my life during the process which supported my healing. I’ve come out the other side with a totally normal pap smear and I feel more aligned and honestly in love with my sensual feminine self.  
Near the end of my time with my coach, Elaine, I was not willing to deny my fears any more, so I asked for a code to release the need for approval.  I trusted the code and I am coming out the other side. The last code I just received is for Faith and Allowing.  It’s a generational healing, very short, simple and it feels like the final healing of a very old wound.   
I don’t feel like the perma-grin fake happy girl anymore who jumped off into depression from a simple bad audition. I have courageously felt pain that I had denied for years. I am willing to heal, willing to be authentic, willing to simply be me and BE.  This is new territory, not trying to fix something or get somewhere or do do do. It’s not easy, but I’m feeling a solid foundation beneath me that was there all along and I never knew it, never trusted it. I know the codes have helped heal me of cancer and of gripping insecurities.Life is forever altered. What a blessing.  Boundless gratitude, love from the depth of my being.  Alana  - California 
Elaine, I want to thank you again for all your coaching. You gave me hope , 3 personal healing codes and very helpful  advanced training ideas,-- all tools to empower me to take better charge of my own health. I deeply appreciate you and will keep you informed on my healing process.
I think I told you how pleased I was to go 8 days without a headache ( when the most I had gone without one for as many years as I can remember is 1 or 2 days,  and most days I use to have 2 or 3 for several hours each.)
Donna E. - Canada
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