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"With The Healing Codes, and Elaine's coaching, I now see and feel my spine straightening  Nick B. – Las Vegas, NV  (Wheel Chair bound for years with severe spinal issues)
“Because of Elaine’s coaching, I made an income goal and reached it easily."
Carmen B. – Anchorage, Alaska
“My vision is improving, because I’m seeing things differently now…” 
Marina W. PhD. – Santa Barbara, CA
“Elaine, with your coaching, my vocal cords don’t feel as tense any more.  I don’t use a walker any more.” 
Donna B. – Salem, OR
“I have to say I still find it amazing that I don't worry like I did before, especially with all the stuff going on at home here.” Laura H. Alberta, Canada
I have been working with Elaine Williams, doing The Healing Codes,  for only 3 sessions to date, and in those 3 sessions I have experienced more breakthroughs than in 10 years of personal development practices (and I've been in the personal development business for years!). 
In our last session I also experienced one of those profound leaps that I had often heard about but had never experienced.  Now I can say I have.
While most of what I have experienced has been of an emotional nature and perception shifts, I also had an immediate healing of a bleeding condition that has been on and off for a number of years.  The first day after doing my first custom code that I received in our session, the bleeding stopped and has not returned.
Elaine's process is simple but profound.  Her intuitive understanding of where to guide the process is her gift. Ken J. - California
Using the Healing Codes, Elaine and I have worked on a number of my physical problems, including a recent diabetic diagnosis as well as a long-standing hernia, right shoulder pain due to a motorcycle injury, sciatica, and an asthmatic/breath/allergy problem that was getting worse.  My energy was low, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to get through the day.  All are greatly improved and some virtually healed completely
The most dramatic improvements are with the right shoulder, the sciatica, and the lungs. I am almost pain free from the sciatica and the right shoulder.  I am using my shoulder normally with only occasional pain,  What a blessing to be able to move and work pain free again!  My breathing is almost normal now.  I can take a full breath and feel it deep in the bottom of my lungs.  The only laggard is the hernia which has haunted me since birth, but even that has improved.  As I told you over the phone, my general overall attitude and disposition has improved so much I hardly know myself.  I am so much more at peace
I give complete credit tot he codes and what they have done for me for my being able to manifest my sailboat; something I have been wanting for fifteen years.  The speed, the timeliness, the dovetailing of an ordinary series of events that came together in an extraordinary way, was truly amazing. 
I also feel free of the anger and impatience that has followed me throughout my life, always just under the surface. 
I feel lighter and more confident everyday, free of some kind of a deep nagging fear that I can't identify.  It's almost like I've stepped through some kind of a door into a magical world in which someone just handed me a wizard stick.  Ben M.  - Oregon

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